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To win something is very special. Here how well Hidden has done.

Amazon Review 

​Captivating and Very Well Written, April 23, 2014

A 5 Star Review By J. S. Pielert "jsp81355" (Stamford, CT USA)  
Verified Purchase

This review is from: Hidden (The Hidden Saga) (Volume 1) (Paperback)

I was introduced to this book by my friend in England, who is friends with the author. I find it very enjoyable reading and find myself captivated by the story line.

Seringapatam wrote

It's a clever yarn and I like what you have tried to do to keep the reader guessing. It flows really well for me and makes it an easy read. Well done.
Sean Connolly British Army on the Rampage. (B.A.O.R) 

​​12th January 2013

After having possibly one of the worst weeks ever, I checked in on my Authonomy account to see how my book was doing and to check out my feedback, when I came across some of the best comments I have received so far. It's nice to know that Karma is working and positivity can be fed back into a life.

Stark Silvercoin wrote:

Hidden is a young adult tale with strong fantasy elements. I read the posted part of the book a few months ago and found it to be very good, with strong characters and dialog. Since then author Serina Hartwell has made some changes that have really added to the quality of the work. The addition of the Forward chapter is brilliant and helps to set up what is going on without giving too much away. Other changes include defining the ages of the characters more closely, something that was needed to help the target market relate to their heroes, and a general emphasis on the fantasy side of the tale, which again helps to set Hidden apart from other YA titles of a similar nature.

Before when I read Hidden, I felt it was publishable and could be enjoyed by a wide audience. But there were a few concerns here and there, which have been addressed in this recent revision. Now I feel that Hidden is truly ready for prime time and space on the shelves. It’s a gem that can be enjoyed by both young adults and their parents and deserves much success.

John Breeden II
Old Number Seven

Night Writer said:

Nice work! I wish I knew what has happened before all of this. Maybe I'll go back and read the rest of it all. Your story is really good and well written, and it ketp me reading more and more and more!

Jennie said:
The tension is building...! Bronte's character is
developing nicely, and her grandma sounds like mine!
Chapter 5 review

Alexes said:

Hello, Sarina. I really enjoyed the first chapter of your novel. I think you've set up a good pace here. It definitely feels like the beginning of a novel. Slow and steady, but not boring.

Characterization is nice, but I especially loved the language you chose to use. It seems like you thought about every word.

Bonus point: You're from the UK, and my inner mind voice read this whole thing in an accent.

Chapter 2 Review

Jennie said:

The first chapter is brilliant, it sets the scene of summer, school children, dares and punishments just right. I love the relationship between mother and son, and the accents come through well. I'd better keep reading, it's getting exciting...

Ash Night13 said:

I really liked this! I can't wait to read more. Hurrr

Christy said:

omg! that is so awesome! write more please!

Jenn(;_Flames said:

OMG! Your writing is AMAZING! It's fantastic to be honest with u. Your style is great! I like the plot idea--very intresting((: One of my characters in one of the books im writing is named Riley(: I like the concept. I must admit, your style is REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD! You're very detialed and descriptive!! REALLY GREAT JOB! I'm going to read more later(:

Goth angel

Elliot M. Hartwig said:

are you really getting ready to publish your book? Maybe it will come to the Corvallis Benton County Library where I can read it in one big book!

Bianca Corgrott said:

Hi there! Nope, it's not a swap. 

It's Bee from Stereotype Out. Whether you're feeling up, down, happy, or sad, I just wanted to stop by and say something.

There's generally five things that people share in common. We are:

Hopeful Understood Misunderstood Ambitious Needed Because in the end, we're all human, right?

I hope you know that you're awesome, amazing, and absolutely, completely, one-hundred-percent wonderful. And you're an inspiration to me.

You're making a difference. Hope you live your life knowing that!

Best wishes, Bee

Reviews of Hidden

Here are some reviews of Hidden from when it was initially put up on the Authonomy and the Figment websites. 

​They are old reviews from when it was in its most unsophisticated form and I was looking to develop my writing. Here are some of them. Please enjoy and be assured that Hidden has come a long way since these review, but at least it will give you a taste of what is to come. 


Thank you for taking the time out to read how much people have enjoyed my work. 


Authonomy Reviews of Hidden – Up to the 19th January 2013.


A big thank you to the people who have enjoyed my work on Authonomy and Figment. Here are some more great reviews from people who have read 'Hidden' in Figment.



Suggested by ^NicSwaner
Featured by: =LadyofGaerdon

HIDDEN. Chapter 1 by Serina Hartwell by ~SerinaHartwell

Suggester: “I’m not sure how this has
received such little recognition.

It’s excellently paced and though
I am only one chapter in I’m hooked,
despite it being a genre I don’t prefer.”

I write because I have a head full of story which I want to share with the world. It’s a story which keeps unfolding and every time I think I’ve reached the end, another bit unravels, so to hear that I’ve put something out there which has brought enjoyment to others, is more than satisfying to me. It gives me a boost, every time someone tells me they have enjoyed my work.

Daily Literature Deviations, you have made my day, and when I’m feeling better, I will do a celebratory dance around the room. Thank you to all who have followed my work and supported me. You are the reason I write – you are the best!

Follow this link if you wish to read more -

Serina Hartwell
Author of The Hidden Saga – Hidden (coming soon)
Currently on cloud nine!

A chapter from my first ever book has been featured on the Daily Literature Deviations. They promoted my work in their September 26th, 2012 edition and I wanted to send out special thanks to them.

It was a wonderful end to a really poor day for me. I discovered that my work had been featured, after taking a sick day and nipping onto the site. When I looked at the comments for the first chapter of my book, I couldn’t believe my eyes and went from a lurgy filled day to cloud nine. I’ve struggled to get my work out into the community, and anyone who has walked this path before me will understand where I am coming from when I say it is so hard, and can really get you down at times, so when I looked and saw my work, I was instantly lifted again, and really grateful for the recognition.

I would like to send my gratitude out, and give special thanks to NicSwaner who suggested my work and to LadyofGaerdon who featured my work, giving me such a fantastic write-up. They are fellow artists and very talented.

You said:-

  My Work Featured On Daily Literature Deviations    on DeviantArt.